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Advanced Off Leash Training

Must Have Completed UDT Obedience Training, Take Your Training to the Next Level

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Service Description

Transform your dog’s obedience skills with Urban Dog Trainer’s Advanced Off Leash Training. Our experienced trainers use the latest e-collar technology to make training more effective. Please note that clients must own an e-collar to participate in this program. Don’t wait any longer to improve your dog’s behavior – sign up for Urban Dog Trainer’s Advanced Off Leash Training today. The use of electronic collars, commonly known as e-collars, in dog training has gained attention for its potential benefits when applied responsibly and ethically. When utilized with a deep understanding of canine behavior and in conjunction with positive training methods, e-collar training can offer several advantages: 1. Precision and Clarity: E-collars provide a means of delivering precise and immediate signals to dogs, allowing for clear communication between the trainer and the canine. This can be particularly useful in situations where quick and accurate feedback is essential. 2. Off-Leash Training: Electronic collars can be valuable tools for off-leash training, enabling owners to maintain control over their dogs in open spaces while providing consistent and reliable cues. This can enhance safety and freedom for both the dog and owner. 3. Behavior Modification: E-collar training, when applied appropriately, can aid in modifying unwanted behaviors. The timely correction and reinforcement provided by e-collars can help dogs associate specific actions with consequences, facilitating behavior change over time. 4. Reduced Dependency on Physical Corrections: Compared to traditional training methods that may rely on physical corrections, such as leash pulls, e-collar training allows for a less intrusive and more consistent means of communication. This can be especially beneficial for dogs that may be sensitive to handling. 5. Customization and Gradual Intensity: Modern e-collar systems often come with adjustable intensity levels, allowing trainers to tailor the correction to the individual dog's sensitivity. This customization ensures that the training is humane and effective, minimizing stress for the dog. 6. Enhanced Recall: E-collar training can contribute to improved recall, as dogs learn to associate the remote signal with specific commands. This is particularly advantageous in situations where immediate responsiveness is crucial, such as during potential safety concerns.

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