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Micki with Myles in a raincoat

The Full Story

Hey, I'm Micki, The Urban Dog Trainer. My journey into the world of dog training started off with the simple love of being a pet owner. Eventually, that love turned into something more, leading me to enroll at Miles & Miles Dog Training. It was there that I went from being just a dog enthusiast to a bona fide dog trainer, soaking in knowledge and gaining practical experience.

In addition to my training journey, I must mention my ever-reliable companion, Myles, my trusty dog. Myles has been an integral part of my growth as a dog trainer. She's more than just a pet; she's a working partner. Myles is specially trained to assist me in demonstrating various training techniques to clients and their dogs. Her well-behaved demeanor and impeccable

obedience make her an excellent teaching assistant in our training sessions. She helps showcase real-life examples of what can be achieved through my training methods, inspiring confidence in the effectiveness of the techniques I employ.

In my pursuit of refining my craft, I've taken inspiration from some of the big dogs in the field – Michael Ellis, Ivan Balabanov, Tylor Muto, and a few other influential figures. Their insights have been like adding different ingredients to a recipe, shaping my unique approach to dog training.

My methodology is straightforward and effective. I blend Operant and Classical Conditioning, embracing a balanced, reward-based system firmly rooted in ethics and science. I don't believe in fluff; I believe in delivering tangible results through excellent training techniques.

My goal is simple – to help you build a strong, straightforward bond with your dog. Together, we can navigate the training journey in a down-to-earth way, bringing out the best in your furry friend without any unnecessary fuss. Let's make the training process as straightforward and effective as possible, enhancing the connection between you and your dog.

A group of dogs


At The Urban Dog Trainer, our unwavering philosophy is built on the belief that every dog deserves an opportunity to shine, and every owner can master the art of training and supporting their beloved furry companion. Our mantra, "training dogs, one person at a time," underscores our commitment to this principle. We firmly uphold the ethos of 'Don't blame the dog,' recognizing the unique needs of each canine companion. Through proper training, owners can adeptly cater to these needs by implementing structure, consistency, and love.

Acknowledging that dog training is theoretically simple but often challenging in practice, we are wholly devoted to streamlining the process for our clients. Our approach is firmly rooted in science-backed operant conditioning, designed to furnish dog owners with the requisite tools and knowledge to construct a harmonious partnership with their pets. Our ultimate objective is to cultivate trust, respect, and enduring positive behavioral transformation.


At The Urban Dog Trainer, our vision is to be a beacon of canine education and empowerment, where every dog and owner can realize their full potential. We envision a world where dogs thrive in harmonious partnerships with their human companions, built on trust, respect, and clear communication. We aspire to continue leading the way in promoting positive, principled, and effective training methods that enhance the lives of both dogs and their owners, creating a community of well-adjusted, happy, and well-behaved canine companions who bring joy to every home they touch. Our vision is a world where the human-canine bond is celebrated, strengthened, and cherished, enriching the lives of all who share it.

Micki on her land


At The Urban Dog Trainer, our mission is to empower dog owners with the knowledge and skills to cultivate strong, positive relationships with their furry companions. Through our commitment to science-based operant and classical conditioning techniques, we strive to enhance the well-being of both dogs and their owners. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and training necessary for every owner to create a supportive and educational environment where every dog can thrive, learn, and exhibit their best behaviors. We are dedicated to fostering a community of responsible pet ownership, enriching lives one paw at a time, and promoting a community where dogs and their humans share joyful, lifelong bonds.

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